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All songs produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Maurice Gainen at Maurice Gainen Productions, Hollywood, CA except as noted in CD Booklet.  You can download that here.  


Maurice Gainen plays all of the saxophones and flutes as well as many of the keyboards and drum samples. 



1) MODERN AFRICA - (Maurice Gainen)


Bobby Loya - Trumpet and Fluglebone

Ben Mwangi, Kayt Mooray and Awino Magawa - Vocals (Nakuru, Kenya)


Once again I have tapped my go-to Kenyan crew.



  2) TANGO MUMBAI - (Maurice Gainen)


Special Guest Violinists - Milind and Yadnesh Raikar (Mumbai, India)

Marcelo Berestovoy - Acoustic Guitars

Tom Lerner - Piano


From Mumbai, Milind is the father of Yadnesh, the 15-year old protégé son (Tango melodies) making his USA recording debut while on his first American tour.


3) FALLING SLOWLY - (Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova/Martin Lowe)


Mighty Mo Rodgers - Special Guest Vocalist                           

Kayt Mooray and Ben Mwangi - Vocals

Burleigh Drummond - Cymbals and Crashes

Tony Banda - Bass


There is magic in this song and Mighty Mo is the icing on the cake.


4) I WILL RETURN - (Kibrom A. Birhane/Maurice Gainen)


Kibrom A. Birhane - Keyboards, Percussion, Bass and Production

Kayt Mooray -  Vocals

Amadou Fall - Special Guest - Kora

Muluemebet Gobezie - Mother’s voice


A young Ethiopian girl pursuing her dreams across the ocean reassures her mother.



 5) UNREQUITED FANTASY - (Maurice Gainen/Dave Iwataki)


Dave Iwataki - Keyboards, Production

Shelly Ren - Special Guest - Erhu

Jun Hiraoka and Canae - Storytellers

Tony Banda - Bass

Burleigh Drummond - Gongs and “Room Service”


The “could have been lovers'” stories are identical except that he says “I

was too in awe of your beauty to approach you” and she says “I was too shy to approach you.”



- (Tiné)


Marcelo Berestovoy - Guitar, Curvacao and Bass

Burleigh Drummond - Broken Cowbell, Pans and Shakers

Burleigh McDowall Drummond - Pandeiro 

Seth Shaffer - Tuba


I kept hearing this song on internet radio and it really caught me.  I replaced key instruments with saxes and the vocal with flute. Tiné is a contemporary vocalist, songwriter, multi-insturmentalist and recording artist from the Northeast of Brazil.



7) RISE & SHINE - (MG Re-imagination) - (Mel Elias/Armando Ortega, Jr./M. Gainen)


Mel Elias - Keyboards and Production

Armando Ortega, Jr. - Vocals, Keyboards and Production

Milind Raikar - Special Guest Violinist


I took a track off of Mel’s excellent CD, “Project Z” and added the Indian elements and myself to it.


8) RUSH - (Manu Sija/Guido Bertini)


Manu Sija - Guitar

Guido Bertini - Handpan

Burleigh Drummond - Percussion


I loved the track that these two rising stars from Salta, Argentina contributedto my last

CD so much that I had to find another one to do this time around.  I created my parts over their instruments, which remained unchanged from the original version.


9) NOTA SINGULAR - (M. Gainen/Jamieson Trotter)


Jamieson Trotter - Piano and Production


Jamieson and I mashed up the past and future of Bossa Nova on this track.



10) ISN’T IT A PITY? - (George and Ira Gershwin)


Dave Iwataki - Piano, Orchestration

Marcelo Berestovoy - Guitars and special effects

Burleigh Drummond - Wind Chimes and Cymbals


This is my vocal debut.  I felt it critical that I create a unique “setting” to make this beautiful Standard match the rest of the CD.  I set it up so that both Dave and Marcelo were pushed out of their normal boxes.  This is where we landed. - Dedicated to J.A.









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Artist’s note: The idea for this recording was to engage as many youthful producers, singers and musicians as possible in order to push me in directions that I may not go on my own. This was not to preclude contributions of seasoned veterans. In many cases it is a combination of both and all benefited from the experience. My recordings are done with no commercial considerations in an effort to keep the music as pure as possible.

All songs, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Maurice Gainen at Maurice Gainen Productions, Los Angeles, CA.

Maurice Gainen plays all of the saxophones and flutes as well as many of the keyboards.


1) STATE OF INDEPENDENCE (Jon Andersen and Vangelis) - mp3
Special Guests: Tony Banda – Bass.  The Lalo Guerrero School Of Music Choir (Los Angeles, CA). Director: Roxy Trotter. Vocalists: Ximena Diaz, Karla Baez, Serena Amaya, Cindy Baez, Maggie Amaya, Alexia Diaz, Aketzachialli Lopez . The Bunyan Children’s Choir (Nakuru, Kenya).

There are three previous versions of this song by other artists. I pulled the elements of each that I thought would work best for me and then put my own spin on it.


2) THE RATA'S EPISODE (M. Sila, F. Grellet and G. Bertini)  - mp3  
Manuel Sija – Bass, Korg Synth and Violin. Federico Grellet – Guitars. Guido Bertini – Harmonic Art and Udu Drum. Marcelo Berestovoy – Electric Guitar.

When Guido lived in LA he would jam with Marcelo's band of which I was a member. He has since returned to Argentina where he is very successful. He and his trio have been releasing a series of videos. I saw this one and thought the song would be perfect. I added some Electronica elements, my sax and Marcelo’s guitar. Now we are playing together again.


3) THE BEAUTIFUL WAIRIMU (Bunyan and Maurice Gainen) - mp3
Bunyan – Programming, Production, Vocal Arrangements and Choir Recording. Special Guest Vocalists: The Bunyan Adult Choir (Nakuru, Kenya).

The girl's name "Wairimu" is pronounced WAH-ee-ree-moh. This is a wedding song of blessing the newlyweds and having a good party. It is in two tribal languages plus English. The call and response between men and women comes from a wedding celebration tradition of single men and women lining up opposite each other. The men woo the women with dancing and chants. The women flirt and sing. All are hoping for the right one to respond.


4) THE LOVE IN 2012 (Bo Peng) - mp3
Special Guest: Shelly Ren – Erhu and Violin.

I heard this song on the KCRW Online Tom Schnabel show “Rhythm Planet” and fell in love with it. Shelly’s Erhu brings it home.


5) RASTAMAN HAS GOT THE PLAN  (Maurice Gainen and Theo Souder) - mp3
Leo Decter – Guitar. Special Guest Vocalist: Theo Souder.

I have never written a Reggae song, so decided to give it a shot for this recording. I had fun with it and hope that you do too. At age 15, this was Leo's first professional recording session.


6) CHANT OF SHRI KAMAKSHI DEVI (Traditional) - mp3
Shri Milind Raikar – Violin, Vocal, Choir Conductor, Conceptualization and Co-Producer. Zenstep – Western Beats and Synth Bass. Deepak Chandla – Tabla, Tambourine and Tibetan Bells. Aloke Dasgupta – Sitar. June Angela – Additional Harmonies. Special Guest Choir: Students of Bombay Cambridge School (Andheri - East, Mumbai, India).

Special thanks to Ms. Savita, school principal, for providing the children. This piece started with Milind simply playing his violin and singing in my studio while he was here on tour. I built up the track and sent it to him to add the children. These traditional lyrics are sung in the temple when the Goddess Shri Kamakshi Devi is worshiped. They were set to a melody by Milind’s father, the late Shri Atchut Raikar. The main temple is in Shiroda - Goa.


7) JUS' TRYIN' TO MAKE THE WORLD SMALLER (Maurice Gainen, Mando and BLU NYLE) - mp3
Mando – Keyboards and Production. Bobby Loya – Trumpet and Flugelbone. Leo Decter – Guitar. Special Guest Vocalist: BLU NYLE.

I reached out to Mando for a track and chose this one out of many. I layered so much stuff on it that he couldn’t recognize it when done…well, not quite, but something like that.


8) SHAMAN'S TRANCE (Zenstep and Maurice Gainen) - mp3
Zenstep – Keyboards and Production.

I met Zenstep through James Webber, a remarkable recording artist. I was presented with many tracks to choose from at, each as good as the next. This was the one best suited to this project. I created the sax melodies and added the vocal samples.

9) FIRST FLIGHT OUTTA EAST LOS (Jacob G. and Maurice Gainen) - mp3
Jacob G. – Keyboards and Production.

 I met Jacob G. playing in his Dad’s band, Latin Rock legend Little Willie G. Jacob, in addition to being an amazing drummer and vocalist, is now one of the busiest writers and producers in LA. No nepotism here. I just found out that his Dad never let him play with the band until he was 24 and had gone out and proven himself with other artists.

10) FUSHIMI CASTLE (Maurice Gainen) - mp3
When visiting my Japanese family for an amazing three weeks in 2013, I took many long walks. On my first walk I saw a double castle in the distance. I was determined to find it. When I did, I spent a fantastic half-day on its enormous grounds.




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Artist's note: On the first 9 songs, I have chosen to revisit songs that I have previously recorded and released. I have re-imagined them in a style that best describes what I do. I call it “Global Jazzatronica”. The last 5 “Bonus Tracks” are songs from my previous 4 CD’s in the same style.

Featuring musicians recorded in Kenya, France, India, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and the USA.

All songs, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Maurice Gainen at Maurice Gainen Productions, Los Angeles, CA.

1) MULHER BRASILEIRA (Remix) (Brazilian Woman) (M. Gainen) - mp3
Portugese translation - Naila Foresti

Special Guests:
Naila Foresti - Vocals (Vinhedo, Brazil)
Cassio Duarte - Percussion (Natal-RN, Brazil)

Originally on “The Sound of Freedom”

   watch the video



2) EUROPA (Remix) (Carlos Santana/Tom Coster) - mp3
Special Guest: Marcelo Berestovoy - Guitar

Originally on “Jazz Flute Jams”

3) L’ÉTÉ EN HIVER (Remix) (Summer in Winter) - mp3
Music - M. Gainen/Michael Bialys
French Lyric - Karoline Blandin/Bruno Blum

Special Guest Vocalist: Karoline Blandin (Paris, France) Karoline is a very unique Parisian vocalist. I had fun speeding up the version originally on “7 CONTINENTS - Global Jams” and flipping it a bit.

4) FOR ALL WE KNOW (Remix) (Sam M. Lewis and J. Fred Coots) - mp3
Special Guest Vocalist - Hiroko Williams (Tokyo, Japan)

Heavily mashed up with samples from: Brahana (Dawn) by Aloke Dasgupta from “7 CONTINENTS - Global Jams”

I had the honor of recording the vocals, mixing and mastering Hiroko’s CD “A Time For Ballads”. I could not get this song out of my head so I asked the Producer, Grammy Award winner Bill Cunliffe and Hiroko if I could use it. I am happy that they agreed.

5) HELP ME SING THIS SONG OF JOY (Remix) Music & chorus lyrics M. Gainen. Lyrics Rap Verse 1: Immaculee Awino & M. Gainen. Lyrics Rap Verse 2: Blue Nyle - mp3

Special Guest Vocalists: The Hues Corporation (“Rock The Boat”) -
St. Claire Lee, Wendell Anderson and Elaine Woodard
Guest Rap Verse 1 - Immaculee Awino (Kenya)
Guest Rap Verse 2 - Blu Nyle
Special Guest Drums and Percussionist - Burleigh Drummond

6) KOKORO (Remix) (Dave Iwataki) - mp3

Produced by Dave Iwataki and M. Gainen

M. Gainen – Flute and Soprano Sax

Special Guests:
June Kuramoto - Koto
Dave Iwataki - Keyboards

I have always loved this song from the first “Hiroshima” record. I am thrilled that Dave pitched in to create the version that we did for “The Sound Of Freedom” and again for this remix. Ms. Kuramoto, is a founding member of Hiroshima. The band was nominated for a Grammy in 2010


7) NGIYEKHAYA (Remix) (I’m Going Home) (Mxolisi Sithole/Sthembizo Zuma) - mp3


Special Guests on Percussion: Christopher Opwapo, Naomi Njeri, Billy Mwaura, Muhammed Masila
(Nakuru and Nairobi, Kenya)

Please view the video for this song filmed completely in Kenya and featuring the Simba Cultural Dancers. It tells a story of despair and then rejuvenation for a teenaged Kenyan girl, while showing old and new Kenya juxtaposed. It is more a mini-movie than music video. YouTube


8) TO THE SEA (Remix) (M.Gainen) - mp3

I dug this out of my analog 2-inch archives. It was a real challenge to do the modern “things that we do” to it, but it was fun and worth the effort.

9) FATHER (Remix) (M. Gainen) - mp3

I wrote this song for my father when I knew his health was in serious decline, basically as a “requium” that I wanted him to hear. He did in fact hear it many times and I am happy to say he liked it. This CD is dedicated to Leon Gainen.

10) THEME FOR AN IMAGINARY MOVIE (Craig Owens, M. Gainen) - mp3

M. Gainen - Tenor Sax solo, Soprano Sax, flute and Production
Craig Owens - Keyboards and Production

Craig and I have collaborated on many projects and songs for a long time. This is our latest, done especially for this CD.

BONUS TRACKS (Remixes previously released)

11) The Sound of Freedom (Remix/Mash-up) (M.Gainen)

With the exception of the verse sax melody, kick drum and bass part, this song is made up entirely of samples from other songs on “The Sound of Freedom” CD transposed, time-stretched, mashed and mangled.

12) Feel Like Makin' Love (Hip-Hop Remix) (Eugene McDaniels) -

Featuring rap by DRange
From “Jazz Flute Jams”

13) MANGO (Kez Remix) (M. Gainen) -

Coco Trivisonno - Bandoneón
Marcelo Berestovoy - Guitar and Production
Voiceover - Julia Estacolchic

This song benefits greatly from the production by Marcelo and Coco’s Bandoneón.

From “Jazz World Colors”

14) Meditation (Acid Jazz Remix) - (A.C. Jobim/N. Gimbal/N. Mendonca)
Special Guest Vocalist: June Angela

Originally from “Jazz Flute Jams”, this is the Jobim classic sped up, chopped, reversed, delayed, morphed, mangled and otherwise altered.

15) JUST DO SOMETHING (Global Jam Remix) - (M. Gainen)

Instructions to musicians for this song: “Just do something...2 takes, not too much thought…I’ll mix it up later.
Originally on “7CONTINENTS - Global Jams”




I have released my first video.  It was shot by videographers in Kenya, Toronto and Los Angeles.  I composed, produced, engineered, played sax and did the video editing.  Immaculee Awino, George Grosman and Jamal "General" Patton tell their real life stories of how they personally achieved FREEDOM through MUSIC.  Blues great Mighty Mo Rodgers caps off the song with an amazing last chorus and adlibs. The song is the title track to my 2010 CD.  I also played all of the instruments on the song except the acoustic guitar.
Fleur Sauvage - New Single!!!
Click to hear (mp3)

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This is the first French language release of ‘Wildflower'- the R&B-pop standard which originated in 1973 with David Foster’s first recording band, Skylark. ‘Wildflower’ was inducted into The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame on April 2, 2011.   

more info

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Ceci est le premier lancement d’une version française de la chanson populaire « Wildflower », qui a vu ses débuts en 1973 avec Skylark, le premier groupe de David Foster. Le 2 avril 2011 la chanson Wildflower a été intronisée au Panthéon des Auteurs et Compositeurs Canadiens.

plus d'info

The eclectic flautist, saxophonist, composer, producer and sound engineer returns with his 4th CD in 6 years.   He has again engaged his talented musical partners around the world via the Internet with 6 original compositions and several fascinating cover song choices.
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Christopher Opwapo
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1)  Flutes  (Gerald Toto, Richard Bona, Kanza Lokua) - mp3

Christopher Opwapo delivers brilliant percussion recording in Kenya as he did on the last “CD 7 CONTINENTS – Global Jams”.

2)  Azulejos  (Marcelo Berestovoy) - mp3

Marcelo Berestovoy is featured on guitar and bass.  No CD of mine would be complete without at least one song representing his band, of which Maurice is a memeber.  Percussionist Erez Ginat was in Israel and on tour during the recording time, so he sent his cajon and dumbek parts in from Tel Aviv.

Marcelo Berestovoy
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(photo by
Alvaro Bernal Alejandre)
3) The Sound Of Freedom  (M. Gainen, George Grosman, Immaculee Awino, Jamal “General” Patton) - mp3

Special Guest Vocalists:
Immaculee Awino (Nakuru, Kenya)
George Grosman (Toronto, Canada via Czechoslovakia)
General (South Central Los Angeles, CA)
Mighty Mo Rodgers (East Chicago, Ill)

Five people (including Maurice who co-wrote the lyrics) give their take on  a universal story of finding a better life through music.

Immaculee Awinoy
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George Grosman
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Mighty Mo Rodgers
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June Kuramoto & Maurice
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4)  Kokoro  (Dave Iwataki)  - mp3

Koto player June Kuramoto,  a founding member of 2010 Grammy nominated band Hiroshima, adds her signature magic.  Composer/producer Dave Iwataki joins Maurice to create this new look at the Hiroshima classic, and plays dazzling keyboards as well.

5)  Mulher Brasileira (Brazilian Woman)  (M. Gainen)  Portugese translation by  Naila Foresti - mp3

Naila Foresti on vocals in Vinhedo, Brazil and Cassio Duarte on Percussion Natal-RN, Brazil helped Maurice “Brazilianize” this vocal version “Sudaméricana” from his last CD.

Naila Foresti
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Milind Raiker & Maurice
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6) Trivan-Drum  (M.Gainen, Traditional) - mp3

Special Guest Violinist: Milind Raiker (Mumbai, India)

Maurice had been wanting to feature this amazing violinist since his last CD, but could not find a place for him.  This time he composed this song with him specifically in mind.  All of the musicians playing in Trivandrum, South India on the last CD return with a feature in the 2nd half of the song that is not to be missed.  Aloke and Sanjukta Dasgupta are heard on sitar and vocals.

7) Fleur Sauvage (Wildflower)  (David Richardson, Doug Edwards) - mp3 
    French translation - Joelle Rabu

Special Guest: Karoline Blandin – Vocals (Marseille, France)

Looking for a vehicle for Karoline’s fantastic voice, Maurice had the idea of recording this classic song originally by Skylark, David Foster’s first recording band, sung in French.  Karoline arranged and sang both lead and background vocals of this exquisite translation by noted Canadian chanteuse/composer Joelle Rabu.  This is the first ever French language release of the R&B-pop standard.

Karoline Blandin
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Kristian Benton
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8)  Aboriginal Dreamscape (Part II)  (M. Gainen, Kristian Benton) - mp3

Maurice enjoyed having Kristian Benton so much on the last CD that he just had to have him again.  He created this based on about 5 new tracks of Didgeridoo that Krisitian sent from his home in New South Wales, Australia and some unused percussion from the last project.

9)  Father  (M. Gainen) - mp3

Maurice dedicates this CD to his father, Leon, whose love, support and encouragement has allowed him to pursue his creative dreams.

10) The Sound of Freedom (Remix/Mash-up)  (M.Gainen) - mp3

Platinum songwriter and successful TV composer Craig Owens adds production flavor and special EFX.  Bassist Kene Lucas flies in (figuratively) with his bass from New York City.  With the exception of the verse sax melody, kick drum and bass part, this song is made up entirely of samples from other songs on this CD - transposed, time-stretched, mashed and mangled.

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North America
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South America
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The Songs and Guests:

1)  SUDAMÉRICANA  (M. Gainen) - mp3
Fernando Beckerman delivers scorching percussion from Buenos Aires, Argentina on this new original composition.

2)  ABORIGINAL DREAMSCAPE  (M. Gainen/K. Benton) - mp3
Kristian Benton in New South Wales, Australia  transports you to a place you have never been with his Didgeridoo, clapstick and Kamilaroi language vocal.s

3)  HELP ME SING THIS SONG OF JOY (M. Gainen) - mp3
Are you ready to go to church with special guest vocalists The Hues Corporation (“Rock The Boat”)?

4) ADIÓS NONINO (Astor Piazzolla) - mp3
Marcelo Berestovoy’s arrangement of this Pizzolla classic is always a hit in live performance.

5) NGIYEKHAYA  (I’m Going Home) (Mxolisi Sithole/Sthembizo Zuma) - mp3
Special Guests in Kenya: Christopher Opwapo, Naomi Njeri, Billy Mwaura and Muhammed Masila. These fantastic musicians face challenges just living day to day that we can't even begin to fathom.  Still, they found time and energy to put joy into this music.

6) L’ÉTÉ EN HIVER  (Summer in Winter) Music -  M. Gainen/Michael Bialys - French Lyric - Karoline Blandin/Bruno Blum - mp3
Karoline Blandin delivers a luscious vocal that will make you want to get on the next plane to Paris to hear her .

7)  BRAHANA (Dawn) (Aloke Dasgupta) - mp3

8) CHASING THE LIGHT  (Aloke Dasgupta/M. Gainen)
Ensemble in India: Aloke Dasgupta, Ranjeet Veer, Debasish Halder, Chirodeep ,Samrat Guha, Dr. G. Babu, Uduppi S. Sreekant, Perukavu P.L. Sudheer, Kottyam Murali, James Anose, Debojoyati Nag, Sourav Chaudhury, Arnab Mukherjee . Another trip to a place you may not have been physically or musically. - mp3

9) JUST DO SOMETHING (Global Jam Remix) - (M. Gainen) - mp3
This features many of the musicians on the CD and samples from all of the songs.  Instructions to musicians for this song: “Just do something...2 takes, not too much thought...I’ll mix it up later.”

10) MERGAPATI  (Procession) - mp3 
(Balinese themes arranged by Cliff DeArment)
New Pacific (Cliff DeArment, Maria Bodman, M. Gainen , Mike Pievak and Barry Newton) was a band that explored the similarities between the music and instrumentation of East and West..

11) ANTARCTIC SUNRISE  (M. Gainen/Douglas Quin) - mp3
Special Guest: Douglas Quin  (Antarctica) - Antarctic Austral Soundscapes. All of the sounds and animals you hear including the ones that sound "synthesized" were recorded during one of Douglas' three seasons in Antarctica. 

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Maurice Gainen - Flute

Marcelo Berestovoy - Guitars

Jamieson Trotter - Piano

Tom Lerner - Bass

Joe Dougherty - Drums

Emiliano Almeida & Paul Alexander Gonzalez- Percussion

Darek Oles - Bass.

Tom Hartman- Strings

Craig Owens-Keyboards

June Angela & Angela Carole Brown "The Angelas" - Vocals


General- Vocals & Beats

Herman Brooks, Erez Ginat, George Jiri Grosman, Preetysha, Sameer - Backup vocals


LITTLE LINDA is a firey version of the Spyro Gyra song, with a hot percussion break by Emiliano Almeida.

FEEL LIKE MAKIN' LOVE is the Roberta Flack classic with the sultry background vocals of June Angela.

LA CITA (THE QUOTE) is an original by Marcelo Berestovoy, one of the most respected guitarists in Los Angeles. Flamenco spoken here! It features percussionist Paul Alexander Gonzalez. Paul and Marcelo can be seen world-wide touring with Latina superstar Paulina Rubio.

MEDITATION is the Jobim classic with June Angela singing the lead vocal.

EUROPA - There are two great versions of this song. One is the original by Santana and the other by Gato Barbieri - which was the theme to the Brando film, "Last Tango In Paris." This version pays tribute to both, with its own spin.

COMIN' HOME BABY was a huge hit for flautist Herbie Mann in the early '60's. It was one of the first "funkajazz" tunes.

The next 2 songs are from the classic 1959 movie "Black Orpheus" that catapulted the music of South America to the north.



MERCY, MERCY, MERCY was written by Joe Zawinul, and recorded by many people including Cannonball Adderly, The Buckinghams and Queen Latifa.

BLUE BOSSA- Every Jazz musician has played this one!

JUST FRIENDS features Darek Oles on Acoustic Bass. Maurice mastered and/or mixed all 3 of Darek's "L.A. Jazz Quartet" CDs. He also mixed his solo CD featuring Brad Mehldau. He currently tours with Janis Segal of the Manhattan Transfer.

MEDITATION (Acid Jazz Remix) Lead Vocal: June Angela. This is Track 4 sped up, chopped, reversed, delayed, morphed, mangled and otherwise altered, with added new parts created by Craig Owens and Maurice.

FEEL LIKE MAKIN' LOVE- Featuring Rap by DRange. Maurice wanted had to have some tasty Rap on the CD. DRange and General brought it to the table.

LA PORTENA (Maurice Gainen) This original song is a tribute to the Argentinian restaurant that was the catalyst for this band playing together.

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In the world of music, Maurice Gainen should just be called "MG" - Master of Genre of Music from around the Globe. For nearly two decades, MG has produced, recorded, mixed and mastered numerous CDs in music genres spanning Jazz, Alternative, Rap, R&B, Rock, World Music and Broadway in his own Los Angeles-based recording studio, Maurice Gainen Productions. He has added his touch on sax and flute to many of these projects. Working over the years with an impressive roster of well-known stars, such as Darek Oles w/Brad Mehldau and Bennie Maupin, Jim Hershman w/Lee Konitz and Scott Colley, Larry Koonse, Eric Von Essen and the L.A. Jazz Quartet, MG has even done Sound Design for Patty Austin. He does CD mastering for all of the 5 major record labels and his recent credits include the last 85 CDs for Starbucks.
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Stacey Kumagai
Media Monster Communications, Inc.
BrainGASM Productions Entertainment Media
Phone: 818/506-8675

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Emiliano Almeida
June Angela
Shashanka Bakshi
Marcelo Berestovoy
Gregg Bissonette
Joe Dougherty
Julia Estacolchic
Dave Ferris
Mike Flick
Maurice Gainen
Jason Hann
Mike Jacobson
Kendall Kay
Tom Lerner
Jason Marshall
Jota Morelli
Suzette Moriarty
Craig Owens
George Rossi
Ken Shima
Sonship Theus
Coco Trivisonno
Jamieson Trotter
Eric Von Essen
Gary Willis
Cengis Yaltkaya

(mp3's are excerpts)

features Maurice's flute and the Spanish guitar of Marcelo Berestovy, who co-wrote the song with Claudia Brant. - mp3

is an original composition with Asian flavor.

is the gorgeous and haunting theme from the movie "Bagdad Café". - mp3

is another original with African inspiration and multi-layered flutes. - mp3

Tony Award nominated vocalist June Angela is the foil for the soprano sax. - mp3

was written by Ken Shima, the Bob James of Japan, who is featured on piano along with Smooth Jazz star Yutaka on koto and Maurice on the alto, bass and "C" flutes.

7) CA VA?
is another Gainen original with him again playing all of the instruments, except for the acoustic bass of Mike Flick.

8) MANGO (Maurice's Tango)
the most recent composition features Bandoneon legend Coco Trivisonno for a brief trip to Argentena where Berestovoy's guitar and the flute meet again. - mp3

lands right back in America at a church somewhere in the South with the soprano sax telling the story. It is another Gainen original.

is a heartfelt dedication to Maurice's father, played on flute with a Latin flavor.

is a lovely piece by Jason Marshall that features longtime Al Jarreau drummer Jota Morelli.

is Maurice's homage to the legendary John Coltrane. It features the drums of the great Sonship Theus and puts us somewhere between New York City, the Middle East and India. - mp3

13) MANGO (Kez Remix)
is a R&B reworking of Track 8, featuring the spoken word of the alluring Julia Estacolchic in English with her lovely native Argentinan accent.

June Angela The legendary Coco Trivisonno with Marcelo
Marcelo Berestovoy Coco with Maurice
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