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CD MASTERING is the art of making all of the songs on a CD flow seamlessly from one to the next. Even when a whole project is recorded with one band in one studio from start to finish, each song has textural differences that need to be addressed. In the case of a Compilation CD where you often have new and old recordings from very different types of artists back-to-back, it can be a real challenge.

Knowing that the way the CD Master leaves my studios is the way it will sound for the ages, whether it be 1,000 copies or 10 million, is a responsibility that I embrace, because I love music of all kinds. I owe it to the music and the artists to give the best possible presentation.

RESTORATION is the sonic equivalent of touching up an old photo - The older the photo, the harder the job. Just as in the visual world, there have been great advances in the audio world in the last several years. What can be done is truly amazing!

I mastered a large percentage of the artist's CD's on the CREDITS page of this website.  Below is a partial list of compilation CD's that I have done, starting with about 140 for Starbucks representing millions of CD’s sold.

Great artists chose their 15 favorite songs of all time:

Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson, Joni Mitchell, Carlos Santana, Sarah McLaughlin, Diana Krall, Emmylou Harris, Norah Jones, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan

These are “Best of” compilations:

Jimmy Hendrix, John Lennon, John Coltrane, Talking Heads, Elvis Presley: The Boy From Tupelo, Frank Sinatra, The Doors, Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, James Brown, Otis Redding, Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye, Ella Fitzgerald, Genesis, Isley Brothers, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Al Green, Chet Baker, Willie Nelson, Chuck Berry, Jackie Wilson, Buddy Holly, Paul Simon, Peggy Lee, Bee Gees, Cat Stevens, Bonnie Raitt, Roy Orbison, Music of Bacharach, Wind Down, The Who, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, The Ramones.

Other STARBUCKS Compilations:

Baby It's Cold Outside, I'll Take You There, XM Sessions, 60 Years of Atlantic Records as selected by Ahmet Ertegun, Elton John's Christmas Party, Off The Clock, Got A Feeling Called The Blues, Jazz Impressionists, Sentimento Brasileiro, Rendezvous a Paris, Senses Working Overtime, Hawaii, Big Wave, Back In New Orleans, Every Woman Counts, French Pop, Sunset To The Haight, When Chicago Got the Blues, The Last Mix Tape, Indivisible, Christy Turlington - No Woman No Cry, Blues Rock Crosroads, In A Bossa Nova Mood, Smile Jamaica, Speakeasy, When Folk Meets Rock, Bebop, Let It Snow, Dinner For Two

Playlist #1 - Playlist #2 - Playlist - Piano Jazz - Summer Vibes - Big Wave - Summertime Groove - Gather 'Round - Modern Lovesongs - Santa Baby

Soul Christmas - Sleigh Full of Songs - Sweetheart 2 - 35th Anniversary - Something's Got A Hold On Me - ECM Jazz Collection - All Through The Night

Ground Beat - Hail Brittania - Across The Pond - Heart, Body and Soul - Country Classics - Out Of Site - Stockings By The Fire - Jazz Signatures - Songs Of The Sirens  Second Wave - Blues Rock - Sundown - Glam - Golden Age Of Song - One Step Beyond - Northern Lights - Shakin' The Shack - Have You Heard? - This Is Us - Big Band  Sweetheart '09 - Paris Magnifique, She’s Got Soul, Going West, Jazz Signatures-Blue Note, Dancing In The Streets, World Is Africa, World Is India, World Is China, World Is Tango, Patio Party, Up-Down-Turnaround,  Shakin’ The Shack, American Songbook, Mardi Gras, Sweetheart 2010, Philly Soul, Good Ol’ Nashville, Heatin’ Up, Back In The Day, Rise & Shine, Vegas-Baby, I Got You Babe, Rainy Day, When Folk Meets Rock,  Starbucks 40th Anniversary (40 tracks, 2 CDs)

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