Production -Recording -Mixing -Mastering -Digital Editing
Vinyl and Tape Restoration
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We provide complete start to finish CD Production, including help in choosing songs and musicians through CD Mastering. We also pride ourselves on setting a budget and keeping to it.

Years of experience in all formats, including ProTools HD, 2" 24-Track, ADAT, MIDI and Logic Audio insure the best choice of compatability and technology for your project.

We understand and embrace the fact that in today's world, many people do all of their projects at home and just need a bigger studio for mixing. Many artists and producers come to us just for mixing, or send their projects from all over the world to be mixed.

We have proven ourselves time and again to be mastering on the level of studios charging several times our rate. We are currently Digitally Remastering many CD's for all of the 5 Major record labels, and in that capacity have worked on the greatest songs and artists of all time. - partial mastering credits

We do a lot of work Digitally Editing music of all kinds. We also edit Voice Overs, spoken word, books on tapes and speeches.

As we move deeper into the digital world, many people are making copies of their old tapes and records for archives and re-releases.

Since we have been for many years in the heart of the L.A. music scene, we have relationships with many of L.A.'s best musicians. They like the "vibe" of the studio and the casually productive atmosphere that we maintain. Because of this, we can get them for a much better rate.

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Production -Recording -Mixing -Mastering -Digital Editing
Vinyl and Tape Restoration
- Session Player Access-----
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